ohm_studio_guest.exe Bad Image

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ohm_studio_guest.exe Bad Image
  • I've just installed Ohm Studio, and have an issue: When I start the program I get the message mentioned in the title - that C:\Windows\System32\msiltcfg.dll is missing in a popup (title is ohm_studio_guest.exe) 

    I don't want to just randomly go about downloading dll files off the 'net; I'd expect it to install needed files?  I'm running it on Windows 7 x64...
  • Hi djaychela,

    You possibly had a corrupted download. Try redownloading & reinstalling.
    Alternatively msiltcfg.dll is reported to be sometimes used by virus. If you have any reasons to think you've been infected you may want to dig that way.
    Or the opposite, an overzealous antivirus may prevent access to that .dll. 

    Your issue is uncommon, unfortunately, so it's not easy to tell.