Sound/track issues on export

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Sound/track issues on export
  • hello there! Some of you may have seen me being quite active in the chat in the past few days. I'm working on a Game OST for a game we created with a bunch of people from my school for a game jam. We didn't finish in time for the jam (too many game breaking bugs and stuff) but we're keeping the project active and plan to release it somewhere else once it's finished and polished.

    Now i've been tweaking around inside the software, learning as i go (been learning DAW's for like 1-2 weeks so hey, newbie there) and i'm facing a wall right now, When exporting my song directly from the editor to the project page there's 2 major problems:
    - one of the tracks is a loop of fast chiptune arpeggios, On the project page export, it gets slowed down and bleeds all over everything.
    - some parts of the sound are simply missing, the song is hashed and has basically holes all over it, with no sound playing for like 2-10 sec.

    now I'm just starting and i don't know a lot, so it may just be basic sound proprieties not being well tuned. I'm Using 32bit 96000sample rate and 1024 buffer size right now. Any kind of help/advice/support is appreciated.

    BTW i made the track public and open so feel free to have a look around, it's called OmeletteDuFromage
  • You might want to try bouncing individual tracks with VST's (especially heayweight ones) to wav's and then mute and disable the vst tracks ...  and then export.   Sounds like an issue of resources - probably CPU
  • I thought that Ohm Studio could only work with 16bits not 32 or 24
  • pro version is 24 bit wav,  free version is 16 bit ogg
  • To be accurate all versions will handle 24 bit playback but only pro will allow for 24 bit recording and exports.