Feature Request:Download Preview Mix

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Feature Request:Download Preview Mix
  • Would be really nice to have an option to download teh current preview mix.....I really like how someone uploaded a preview on a project, but when I went in there the mixer was all changed ....   or an even simpler fix for that would be to have someway to make a comment as to WHEN the preview mix was created...then we could go in, create a clone, make a snapshot to that time, and download our own export of that mix.
  • You can download the preview mix from the project's web page if you want.
    For example on Firefox, you can use an addon named Flashgot that lets you do that.

    Anyway, do not worry. I'm sure your request will be added to "The List" (unless it's already in "The List") and will be implemented in due time, like every other feature request!

  • +1 Download and date of the preview!

    Herman was speaking about clone: a really nice feature could be a "related project" (I don't know how to call it): when we open a project page, all the projects made from (or from which it derives) should display as hyperlink.
  • Another answer which involves no new coding would be to auto make a snap whenever a preview mix export is made and call it preview mix snap - date/time
  • well some new coding, need to change the code for when you hit export that it also makes a snap - but this seems minor
  • This is not in the list. We don't encourage downloading of projects from our website for now - ohmstudio.com is a place to find musical partner, not to browse music. We'd rather have a link from a project to its soundcloud page. 
  • I think i got a easy question,every time i want to use ohm studo i have to download over and over,example yesterday about 2pm i was using it got of for a couple hour and try to log in,like always i had to download it again.has this ever happen to any one pl help.
  • I think you're not seeing the "Start new discussion" button.

    "Post comment" is for posting a comment related to the messages on the page.

    To answer anyway, I'd have to guess you're installing or running without Administrator privilege (not as Admin but with an account with Admin privs).
  • very sorry,im new to ohm studio will you be able to tell me were i can find the (start new discussion button) very sorry again.
  • never mind i found it.