Easier navigation and changes in time markers.

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Easier navigation and changes in time markers.
  • 1. My number one pet-peeve is that the home key does nothing. I instinctively click anywhere in the main panel, and then hit Home, expecting it to move the focus to 0:00, but it never does and I'm left disappointed and sad.

    2. I'd like it if when I clicked at a specific point in the track, that's where it changes the focus too. It's a bit of a pain to find the 1/8th of an inch up at the top that will actually do this every time. 
  • 1. Hit enter twice to put the play head at the beginning (with follow activated, the view will follow)

    2. Understood. That's because we use a carret that is separate from the playhead but we understand this drawback. We'll try to offer a fix about it.