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Samples Folder - Organization
  • I wanted to leave a suggestion:

    Why not organize the samples folder (where the audio files are downloaded into) by the project name?
    There is never a audio file used by more than one project right?
    Will this maybe be implemented once the offline version arrives?

    The samples folder will grow in size very fast as we open more and more public projects.
    Having the samples organized makes it easier to free up HDD space by only deleting audio files from projects that I have left or stopped working on.

    Also not everyone can afford to re-download often because of ISPs limiting the data transfer from external sources (in countries like Iceland), so those 
    users wont want to accidentally delete the audio files they currently depend on.

    An alternative would be to implement a "Do you want to delete samples data for this project?" dialog once a user leaves a project

    Thanks for reading
  • There is never a audio file used by more than one project right?

    Actually yes, there are. Cloned projects are a common practice. 

    I didn't know there would be ISP limitation regarding download for a house connexion (for 4G and the likes, sure). Ohm Studio is clearly thought to avoid any hassle regarding audio file management. Honestly even an intensive pro use of Ohm Studio shouldn't be very different from regular modern use of youtube. If you're ISP let you watch 30 min of youtube @720p a day, you probably don't have to worry about bandwith on Ohm Studio. All in all the whole design is about doing music, not logistic. You shouldn't have to worry about the samples in the first place. 

    That being said this would be a different situation in local mode. I am asking about this to the devs.
  • Ah good points, thanks for the support :)