Troubleshoot missing VSTs?

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Troubleshoot missing VSTs?
  • First, thanks for the beta invite. I'm really enjoying the Ohm Studio so far, and I think you guys are going to disrupt the current players pretty badly. Which is great!

    I'm running on Windows, and when I add my vstplugins directory, Ohm Studio only finds 8 of the 27 plugins I have in there. Interestingly, all 8 that it does find are effects; it doesn't find any instruments at all. I have a bunch of the Cakewalk instruments: Rapture, Dimension Pro, z3ta+, etc. 

    Is there any way to troubleshoot and figure out why the're not being found? Should Ohm Studio be finding VST instruments? I think most/all of them are 64 bit plguins, if that makes a difference.
  • u sure they are not DXi instruments? If they are you can try DXShell to wrap them though I've had varying success with it and Sonar instruments.
  • Hi BrooksT,

    the Ohm Studio will only load VST2 32 bit plug-ins. No 64 bit plug-ins, and no VST3 plug-ins.

  • Ah, that explains it. Are 64 bit and/or VST3 support planned?

  • VST3 is support is not planned, and we will support 64 bit vst when the engine goes 64 bit.