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Online Bass Player
  • Hi guys,

    I hope you’re well and you don’t mind me getting in contact. 

    My name is Dan Hawkins and I run an online bass recording business: I record bass for producers and music makers around the globe and have played on hundreds of tracks in the last two years.

    I have recently played on Katie Melua’s new album Ketevan which debuted at number 6 in the UK charts. I’ve also played on many jingles, songs and TV and library music.

    I was just wondering if this service would be of use to you in any of your projects?

    I am doing a 50% discount for the first track for new clients (£40 instead of £80) and my turnaround is very quick. My aim is for it to be a completely easy and fast process with you ending up with amazing sounding bass lines!

    There is much more info on my site should you want to check it more - equipment, sounds, recently recorded tracks etc.

    Thanks for your time and no problem if this isn’t for you but if it is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more info. I am always happy to negotiate rates too if you have multiple tracks.

    Many thanks,