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  • Dumb question, how do you do panning?

  • The terrible truth is that there no panning integrated for now(!). That's an advanced feature, hum... right?
    In fact, we wanted to add panning when we'd add the mixer. Unfortunately, mixer view was delayed.
    We'll probably decide to add a mixer plugin (as volume) before the mixer view.

    BTW, I went in your "have zen will travel" public project and I added two OhmBoyz to manage panning. I agree that a big weapon to handle a tiny issue, but it works ;-)
  • Hi Yellow Force.   Durn....Dang....Thanks for the info, man I need panning! hope its coming down the pipe soon....

    I went in there and froze all non audio tracks of mine...wonder why they were not showing up?...also the main thing I was wanting to pan was the 2 rhy. guitars....