Help - can't get into ohm studio

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Help - can't get into ohm studio
  • Hi,

    I got ohm studio from steam the other day. the first screen says welcome, to get started, you need to create an ohm studio account, but I created one already here on the website. It won't let me login, insisting I need to create an account using another email as mine is already taken (from creating my account here on the website). I can't seem to find another page with this issue, so any help that you could offer would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  • about how long will it take for them to merge the accounts? so far I am not happy with this stuff. it should be a simple "delete account" button that gets the job done, or they should let us login from a different account the first time we open the software from steam. this is some half assed shit going on right here
  • These requests are usually dealt every morning on working days. So the delay is not long usually. (So in the normal workflow the worst case is that you send the request on Friday afternoon)