New version: beta #11

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New version: beta #11
  • Improvements

    Note for Windows users: the current version does not automatically redirect you to the download page when there is a need to update.
    This is fixed in this release.


    • Snapshots allow you to save and revert to a version of your project. 
    • You must be the owner of the project to make and revert to snapshots
    • The snapshot list is available in the Inspector when nothing is selected
    • From this list you can create and revery snapshots. You can also view and revert the snapshots made by other owners of your project, as well as the automatic snapshots


    • right click on a chat message to copy its content (or the whole conversation)
    • Easier to see there are unread messages
    • Mac: Growl support for incoming messages


    • Improved performances
    • Sample loading optimizations
    • Changes in cursors : new kind of cursors, and working better
    • Misc improvements on the startup screen
    • Windows: logs are now correctly placed in the program directory

    Bug fixes 

    • horizontal sequence scroll bar was difficult to grab
    • after being disconnected the chat room content could be wrong
    • Fixed hanging plug-in scan in some cases (PSP)
    • Windows: when the version is too old, the Ohm Studio now opens a new page in your browser pointing to the download page.