Quantize added yet?

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Quantize added yet?
  • I noticed on a previous post dated March 20, that quantize/swing should be added by next week (March 27?)....has it already been added? If so how to access it....



  • Yes. When your in the piano roll view (zoomed in), and you've selected some notes, you have an action menu on the bottom of the piano roll. 
    Quantize, humanize and many other options are there.

  • It's still a bit basic, but it's there, as described by Yellow.
  • cool, is there a way to select all the little note thingys, like select all, before you quantize, cause, dumbass me is having to select each little note by note then quantize, takes a while....I may be missing the select all, so I can select all notes in a clip......


  • Once zoomed in, select a note first, then "cmd/ctrl + a" will select all notes (or automation points, which can also be quantized) of the current pattern.