List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...

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List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...
  • We need a detachable mixer for sounds and instruments...
  • Quick key for quantize...
  • "Whose Typing" in chat room along with a incoming sound...
  • i have so many ideas... cant put em all on this post... but smoother track creation seems to be in order... and also the ability to edit any wave form from imported audio files, and possibly a built in slicer for audio files
  • keep the ideas coming!
  • About the mixer, have you tried the "rotate" feature ('R' key)
    What do you think about it?
  • Panning?....may have missed it, but how do you pan tracks?
  • a Lyric track. This is not intended to sing the lyrics for you, but give you a means to follow the lyrics and hear the proposed vocal line while the track is being played.

    One thing most DAWs don't have is a means to write in and display the lyrics of songs in the sequencer. This would be especially useful in collaborations with a lyricist.
    What I envisage is an enhanced MIDI track, which is split in half into text in the top and musical notes in a Piano Roll in the lower half. You can enter text directly into the top half in line with the music in the lower half (lining up the text is the tricky part I reckon!).
    Text features should include: sizeable fonts; print option; import(i.e. import from Word then you manually nudge the words to the correct location) and export (either just the lyrics or score mode).
    MIDI features should include: ability to assign an instrument so you can hear the lyric line; harmony for backing vocals (but only if they sing the same lyrics at the same time; differing lyrics/timing should require separate Lyric tracks).
  • Plugin Handling:

    If a plugin is unable to be read, it would be good if the user didn't have to delete processes, remove the offending plugin and restart the process.

    Perhaps the startup thread could run on a timer when the plugin-read thread is loading the plugins (assuming multithreading of course) and if it exceeds X ms, then it kills the plugin thread, notifies the user of the bad plugin and puts it in a skip-plugin list, and restarts the plugin thread from the point at which it was aborted. This should result in successful startups every time. Note that the skip-plugin list will need some handling in case an update of the failed plugin is released and the user wants to try and read it again.

    Also, please follow folder hierarchy in the plugin list according to the VST folder. I store my plugins according to effects (and within that compressors, reverbs, etc) for easy management and fast retrieval. Without this, comparing, say, different comps in a particular track is time consuming and problematic if you have forgotten how many and the names of the compressors you have.
  • OMG! Ohm is just getting better and better!!! The "R" key to flip the mixer is just GENIUS!!! Now we just need a way to label them and see the db its at and its perfect!!!
  • Comments on the timeline or in tracks to explain what's going on to collaborators or to call out areas that need work.
  • Great idea Brooks!
  • Pan: next version, beta #12, will introduce a stereo pan plug-in. It will later replace the current rack volume, and be used in the mixer.

    Plugin handling: normally you should not have to remove by hand the offending plug-ins. The initial plug-in scan should detect problematic plug-ins. If it doesn't, we'll correct the problems

    Comments: We used to have a way to add Stickies (so that you can add comments on the sequence). They'll be back, for sure!

  • I can't wait for the official mixer...ANXIOUS!!! By the way...WHATS UP VIOLETTTT!!! LONG TIME NO SEE FRIEND!!!
  • That's because i'm too busy improving the Ohm Studio ;)
    But i'll be back!
  • nothing wrong with that man! Inbox me ur aim or email address...
  • May I stay by saying, very cool so far. Im excited about this software and glad I get to help develop it.
    That being said....

    Non mouse quick keys for zoom in and out.
    Auto create midi regions based on selection.
    Seperate detachable mix window. (For the dual monitor folks out there)
    Quick keys to repeat regions
    Use Function keys (f1-f12) to select tools. (Grabber, pointer, etc)
    Quantize quick key, quantize options. 
    Ability to select notes individually or with click and drag to quantize only parts of a selection.
    Time stretch, auto tempo sync audio/rex files to session tempo. (optional)
    More in depth midi support? Cant seem to find a way to set up my BCF2000 with this thing for some fader action.
    Ill have more shortly.

    Very cool so far.

  • To clarify auto create midi (or audio) regions based on selection, I mean to have the option to click and drag over a specific amount of bars to highlight only a section, and option click to copy or just drag part of the file.
  • Be able to show/hide window panes and click and drag to resize window panes.
    I mean- Be able to click and drag so the sequencer takes up more space, hide the pattern instance inspector, hide your plug in browser and bring it back up, etc.

    Send plug in data. It seems that when my collaborator opens plug ins, mine will auto respond to what plug in it is but the settings are not carted over.

    Audio IO options should be on the track. (Also show/hide able)

    double click in blank area under tracks to create new tracks. (Duplicate last made track)

    Viewable CPU usage meter, internet bandwidth usage or efficiency, disk streaming metering

     More on quantize... Allow for swing options, swing percentage, quantize percentage. 

    Maybe an option to collect all data to update session in case of lag? 

    If Im spamming you guys with too many ideas just let me know, but Ill gladly post them as I think of it. 

  • I just popped open Ohm tonight, and I'm very excited and optimistic about this program.

    Here are a few things that jumped out at me in the first two hours. My apologize if some of these points have been addressed.

    - Sample/Audio joining and grouping would be great.
    - A hot key to return to beginning of the session

    That's all I have for now. I'll report more as I go.
  • Hot swap tools with a modifier key.
    EX: You are using the selector (pointer) tool. You temporarily want to cut a region, so you hold S (scissors) to toggle the scissor tool. Once you release S the tool will go back to the previously selected tool. You could have quick keys to toggle all tools.

    Also a share screen would be EXTREMELY helpful for novices learning from experts, or simply sharing things you have learned. Think of the share screen feature in skype.
  • Any chance of a metronome volume control and region features?
  • Optional "import to new track(s)" when importing audio.
    (auto create new track for each audio sample)
  • Regarding zooming/navigating, we have multiple available strategies :
    - cmd/ctrl+ scroll (wheel or pad) : a progressive zoom centered on your mouse cursor. 
    - double click / esc (escape key) : the zoom level is memorized for both states (zoomed in or out).
    - 'G' + 'J' : zoom center on cursor/caret (the white blinking one)
    - 'H' : hand tool let's you navigate by dragging your sequence around
    - tab : switch between zoomed out and in, remembering the previous position

    Try these methods and tell us if you need more.

    Regarding tools :
    - when the arrow tool is selected, you can switch temporally to the pen tool by pressing the cmd key
    - to cut a pattern or sample, put the cursor (white blinking caret) at the desired location and do cmd+E. Pattern or sample will be cut where the cursor is. Cursor is snapped according to the snap configuration.
  • m-s (mid-side) encoder and decoder genohm modules PLEEEZE ;-0
  • VST folders .. very handy imho
  • seems very difficult to un-shrink a track when you are zoomed out,
    also the loop tool is fiddly when zoomed out, and the pattern size tool .
  • also when zoomed out the shrink button and track select area are *very* close together, which makes selecting a track tricky as the shrink button is bigger, 

    perhaps the minimum shrink-size should be larger when zoomed out?
  • Hi guys and gals

    If you ask me the feature I want to have on my DAW are :
    -AU support
    -OSC support with a TouchOSC template (with mixer with VU meters, a step sequencer, one page for EQ control, one for software instruments, maybe a step sequencer)
    -Something like the midi transformer function in Logic
    -A step sequencer that you can use with any instrument. With a function that allows you to drag your sequence from the step sequencer to your midi track.

  • +10 for touchOSC/ OSC also cant figure out how to timestretch audio... does all audio (loops etc) need to be prepared before using Ohm studio?

    Just started playing with it, so more comments later. By the way, i'm missing my AUs!
  • Duplicate?  But maybe I'm just missing this and there is a handle... brb.
  • Yeah nm.  I'm so used to key commands and not handles I didn't look for it.
  • OoGuN, the audio time stretch is in the works.

    Loren, there use to be a Duplicate function, and it will be back soon.

  • Maybe a bit far fetched or something for v.3.0 :)

    -A live audio track for live jamming along sequences. It could be set up like NINJAM, where whatever you play get's delayed say 4, 8 or 16 bars so there's no latency issue for the other members listening in. Basically a audio streaming track with built in extra latency. Ofcourse this would only work for more repetitive music or in looped mode.

    -Also, rewire would be nice..So I can pipe audio from my other DAW's.

    -One click sample audition is a must! (ala ableton's sample browser)

    -It's a bit hard to line up audio/waveforms (in detail view) with the main time signature. The bar lines should be transparent through the sample/waveform. 

  • My suggestions are:

    - Ability to sync Ohm to an external sequencer press play on sequencer play in ohm starts or other way round.

    - Voice comms in session ala "Talk Back"

    - Rewire Support

    - Metronome Volume Control and maybe variety of sounds for it

    - Ability to type in a bar number and go to that bar

    - Set metronome to fraction of a beat like 97.5 100.23 etc

    - offline mode

    -  More transport controls, back to the start, FF (scroll fwd) and back)  REW pause etc
  • - AU support!
    - Ability to "pop out" chat area into new window
    - touchOSC support
  • Here here on the AU support!
    • keyboard shortcut to control note velocity
    • right click on parameters pops a submenu that enables me to edit automation etc.
    • tooltips - when i hover on buttons i want a tooltip that tells me what they do and the keyboard shortcut so i won't have to click them again.
    i was just accepted to the beta today and i'm completely blown away. keep up the good work :)
  • Clicking in a horizontal scroll bar to the left or right of the active bit should scroll a whole page to the left or right, just like in windows
    Similarly in a vertical scroll bar when you click above or below.
  • The red warning lights at the top of meters should be sticky, ie not go away until you click on them, so you can see at a glance if any channels clipped during the song.

  • I don't know if this has been suggested/planned but an update to the chat system so whatever I'm typing doesn't get cut off would be awesome.
  • seperate zoom controls for horizontal and verticle. (Track view vs track height)
  • Ok, the biggest necessities right now... I know they have probably been covered, but for sake of work flow here are the biggies (for me)

    1. Separate zoom options for track height and horizontal.
    2. Seperate mix window, with pan and same track labels, and I/O.
    3. Return key to go to beginning of playlist
    4. Heal regions feature.

    Thanks, this DAW is pretty sweet already but those will make workflow much better,
  • oh, and
    5. Saving presets on plug ins. Thats a biggie.
  • Another one from me, keep waking up at night with needed features in my head! :)

    -Middle mouse button horizontal & vertical scroll!

    -One press on spacebar stop, two consecutive presses jumps back to start (or left loop brace if on) Or at least the option to choose which of these functions the spacebar does.

    -Ability to grab ends of loops brace even if they're outside of you have to zoom out first and then zoom in on the ends.

    -Hot key for bypassing snap while dragging

    And yes, this is going to be the best DAW ever!
  • Separation of vertical and horizontal zoom will come, but will require important changes in the code and therefore will need a few weeks/months.

    Also the scrollbars are a pain to use right now. That's why there is an option to hide them :)
    They will be reworked too.

    Use cmd (ctrl on windows) to bypass snap: first start dragging, then press the hotkey and keep dragging.
  • How about a change list so we can see what's been addressed with the releases?
  • We try to make a post each time we release a new version.

    We could also tell you how is our current development run, if you like to.
  • Kudos on the update. Love the return key function as well as the dedicated zoom hotkeys.

    More ideas:
    - collapsible output/channel selection in batch bounce window. It makes it impossible to see the cancel/bounce buttons unless I'm in full screen mode.
    - scalable individual tracks. It'd be nice to drag the bottom of a channel down and have that one waveform zoom.

  • Wish it had better audio routing options..

    I'm having problems freezing/recording from vst's with their own onboard sequencers like drummachines. There's no output. 
    Would be nice if one could route audio from a midi track into a audio track and just record it from there..

    Also ability to choose which midi channel input to record from, but I believe one of the ohmforces said that would be implemented later.