Windows XP Issue

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Windows XP Issue
  • Suddenly, I can't get Ohm Studio to open anymore.  When I try to open
    it, I get two Windows error messages:




    I had the program running this morning but when I went back to it in the afternoon I had this.

    I solved my own problem.  I uninstalled Ohm Studio by deleting it everywhere on my PC.  Even in the registry.  Then I reinstalled it and it worked like before.  If you're having trouble like I did, try that.
  • Damn... We have a lot of bugs to fix on windows platform. 
    Thank you for reporting.
  • Also check there is no stuck ohm studio process that interfere with the Ohm Studio launch. Bring up the task manager (ctrl + alt + del) and ensure the ohm studio processus are dead (kill ohm_studio_guest.exe and ohm_studio_net_mp_host.exe if they appear in the processus list)
    We're interested to know if you encounter stuck ohm studio processes.
  • OK.  Next time it gets stuck I will look in the Task Manager.
  • Still can't login at all, get the 'unable to connect' error, but now I also have a crash:  ohm_studio_net_mp_host.exe crashes when I close the application.  

    Feature request:  A "cancel" button on the login window?  The options are to register or login; but no option for when the app won't let one login.  Not sure if this is what causes the crash....
  • Can you send us the Ohm studio log files (.log) that should be located in your Program Files/Ohm Force/Ohm Studio right after you have a "unable to connect error"?
    Launch the Ohm Studio Beta Reporter and add the files to the report.

    Many thanks!