Known bugs

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Known bugs
  • Here is a list of bugs that we already know :

    Ohm Studio web (OSW)

    • IE and opera are not supported (yet).
    • session presence notification doesn't work (always not active)

    Ohm Studio client application (OSC)

    • Many plugins don't work with Ohm Studio. They should be black listed. A thread is dedicated to this.
    • Parameters don't change in inspector while automating. It's the same for track volume fader.
    • You can't record a parameter automation by changing parameters throught the inspector. Working on
    • Pattern resizing is not ghosted : it resize or destroy other patterns even if you don't release mouse click.
    • Network disconnection doesn't bring an error message, so you may work during a long time without knowing that your work is not saved!
    • Some routing errors : it may make your session corrupted. Working on