Where do I begin???

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Where do I begin???
  • I've dabbled a bit in music, and played with DAWs, mostly garageband, but my overall experience is firmly "beginner"
    The level of musicality and experience of the OhmStudio users seems way beyond me -  are there opportunities to learn or collaborate with other complete noobs who won't be impatient with my ineptitude? The chat room seems geared more towards pretty competent musicians. 
    I'd really love to learn a bit more, but on the face of it the entry level seems a bit steep, so perhaps I'm overly optimistic using this program?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  • Felling shy because of the level of other musicians is a common thing in Ohm Studio (as well as in live music in general). 

    In my experience some of the high profile player, while mostly friendly and polite, will seek mainly for other top people. But a good deal will also deliberately work with beginner. Why? Because it's refreshing, because it feels good to help someone, because it's not stressful. One thing is certain, if you behave nice, you'll be treated the same way. At worst, you can watch them work and learn a ton, ask questions, etc. Open Beta showed that absolutely everyone engaged in it learned way faster than on their solo DAW.

    Also, not everyone is a killer musician on Ohm Studio. Most are like you (and me). More importantly, the collab side means that you don't have to know how to do all by yourself. You can focus on one thing (say, making a decent take), then progressively reach other aspect of music making.