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Pro XL
  • Hi. Are the plugins that come with Pro XL useable in other DAWs or are they locked to ohmstudio?
  • Saw the fine print answer. Not surprised.

  • Hi sleeven

    They can only be used inside Ohm Studio.
    Minimonsta alone is more expensive than Ohm Studio Pro XL.
    Also the Ohm Studio version of QuadFrohmage is not the same as the VST version sold separately.

  • Follow-up question:
    is there any upgrade path planned, for those buying the full versions of (some of) the plugs at some point ?
    (even a small reduction would be one more motivator to buy the full ohm version :D)
  • Yes there is. In theory it's already available for steam buyer although some problems are reported ATM. Non steam user can contact our support or wait for the offer to be implemented.