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Mobile App
  • I know it's still in the early development stages but i just thought i would put this idea down while i have it.

    Possibly something like a mobile app, where you can access chat, listen to your projects and listen to other projects whilst on the move. Maybe even if it does really well some really scaled down version of Ohmstudio to put down idea's when your on the go.

    There's just some more idea's to keep you guys busy ;)
  • haha thanks.

    We have enough work to keep busy 2 or 3 years I think. And now a bit more ;-)
  • +1 for iOS app development! Especially on iPad. :)
  • Yes, I just joined and this is one of my first questions...will this be available for the IPad?
  • iPad yes please
  • iOS doesn't support any plugins.
    Does an Ohm Studio without plugins would interest you?
  • It may not yet, but ipads are'nt getting LESS popular.  Don't fall behind the curve.

  • Even if the projects were not necessarily editable or maybe basic audio editing and the ability to add samples from your iPhone but at least being able to listen to your project and chat on the go would be cool
  • +1 for an ipad version... (iPhone / android devices would be nice too...)
  • iOS doesn't support any plugins.

    Does an Ohm Studio without plugins would interest you?

    Of course, the benefit is that you immediately ensure interoperability as projects wouldn't suffer from some people having plugins whilst others can only listen to the rendered audio.  Not having plugins can be seen as an advantage.  (Especially if you're in marketing, I guess.)
  • ipad would be great even just for arranging a track
  • On that note could there also be an android version

  • It could be just a place where you can browse profiles, discussions and projects, and to chat and keep in touch with people in the community. In matter of fact I find the offline comunication with project members or other community fellows very unfriendly, and IMHO this is the real glue that makes the community strong. Of course that the main thing is the music projects, but we really need a solution for continous communication with each other, on the web, on the desktop app and on the go (with mobile apps).

    Thanks alot!
  • Do we really need a seperate app to browse discussions, profiles and projects?

    Can this not already be done on iPads and Smart phones with their built-in internet browsers?

  • And the chat is XMPP, so you can log in to the chat with standard chat software, too.
  • The website is not mobile friendly, mobile xmpp clients are messy and not so simple to configure for most people. A critical key for expansion and popularity of a platform is the simplicity and friendliness of its clients. It's also possible to remote control your PC and chat from the application if you really want. But you don't want to do that. You also don't want 4 different applications (desktop and mobile) to manage all aspects of your activity in the platform. I'm thinking about an app much like SoundCloud has, but with chats built in also. I believe it will make the community stronger and wider, kind of a social network (in a positive way).
  • I'd rather the Ohm guys concentrated on make Studio a better music collaboration tool, the music features being paramount.  The likely reason the website isn't mobile friendly is that they're better at writing music apps...  And writing specifically for mobile is a whole different set of skills than for desktop, so it would halt any development of OhmStudio if the Ohm team did it themselves.  Probably not in the majority of users' best interests.
  • Mobile are simply not ready for the level of feature needed by a DAW like Ohm. We're very interested in doing a specific app for Mobile but like for other DAW it would only cover a part of the experience. Android isn't even fit for low latency recording. Kind of limit the options !

  • Even if a mobile version couldn't support plugins I would totally use it! Currently I use the garage band app on my iPhone to record scratch song ideas or arrange parts when I'm not in my studio. If there was a mobile version I would add scratch tracks as the ideas came to me and then record them later in the studio. Or have other musicians record them.