The salary cap dominates much of the NFL offseason

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The salary cap dominates much of the NFL offseason
  •  with teams
    utilizing their available cap space to extend players Lance Kendricks
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    , spend on free agents, and sign their draft
    picks. On Tuesday, the NFL released the projections for the 2019 salary cap,
    which could reach as high as $191.1 million.The full projection, as released by
    the NFL’s Brian McCarthy, ranges from $187 to the aforementioned higher figure.
    If the final number ends up at the upper limit of $191.1 ,
    the Green Bay Packers would have over $46 million in available space. Of course,
    that figure does not account for any roster moves the team could make such as
    restructuring or releasing outside linebacker Nick Perry. Regardless of what the
    Packers decide, the news should quell any lingering fears that Aaron Rodgers’
    recent four-year, $134 million extension will prevent general manager Brian
    Gutekunst and his front office from fielding a competitive team.The league’s
    press release notes that the salary cap has risen approximately 40 percent since
    the 2014 season and has jumped more than $10 million per club for six straight
    years. Week one feels like a distant memory. The upstart Bears knocked out the
    Packers’ star quarterback and held a comfortable lead coming out of halftime.
    But once Aaron Rodgers improbably re-entered the game (*insert Undertaker
    gif*),it felt like another instant classic comeback was a fait accompli. Fast
    forward to the teams’ second matchup of the season and things look much
    different. The Packers are flailing, having suffered a plethora of
    injuries Bryan Bulaga
    , a string of befuddling losses, and firing their head
    coach. The Bears, on the other hand, have gained all the confidence they lacked
    in their week one collapse. They're playing championship defense and, perhaps
    most notably, are extremely healthy. But regardless of where these two teams are
    in their arcs J'Mon Moore Color
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    , it all goes out the window when they play each other.
    Anything can happen, and it often does. To help us prepare for yet another round
    of the oldest rivalry in sports, we’re pleased to welcome Larry Dyer to the
    show. Larry hosts the Bears Talk Underground podcast, and offers a grounded
    fan’s perspective on his surprising Chicago Bears. Click here to access the
    episode at Art19.Have ideas or questions? You can email the show at For previous episodes, check out the show’s archive
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