The Sound: Music, Stuff and Tips

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The Sound: Music, Stuff and Tips
  • Hello,
    I wanted to start a new topic. If the title is not explicit, it can be changed. If this topic is successful, I would suggest that this message becomes part of a new category.

    Ohmstudio is a great software for collaborating. But collaboration is not only making song together. It is learning, sharing technical tips. I therefore propose a section where we talk technic, but not about issues, bugs, features that would be nice so that ohmstudio becomes the best DAW in the world!

    In this section, I would like to discuss tips for recording guitar, voice or other instruments. We can also exchange views and tips on mixing. With ohmstudio, it is possible to link to the project and, thus, the theoretical discussion becomes practical!

    So there.


  • Guitars recording!!!


    inaugurate topic with a relation of my experience I conducted about guitar sounds.
    In ohmstudio, I use a preamp simulation: fractal axe fx (ultra).
    Like many guitarist, I
    'm looking for the holy grail for a couple of years.

    I recently make a test of clean sounds (funk strat style) in this public project:

    I use reamping technic, so everybody can apply his plugin or sound processor or real amplifier to my original guitar.

    The first loop is dry guitars.

    The other loops are made with two different free plugins and the axe fx.

    Decide for yourself what you prefer, try adding to the project your own guitar sound. The purpose of this experiment is to compare different plugins and other way of producing guitar sounds.

    I made this experience in an hour. that would need to be reworked a bit.