How to turn gravel into sand

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How to turn gravel into sand
  • Crushed stone can be further processed into sand and used as Quarry Rock Stone Crushing sand. Nowadays, the mechanism sand market is very lively. Especially in the recent stimulation of infrastructure projects, the sand material market presents a huge supply gap, coupled with the ban on natural sand, artificial time. Sand has become hot. Many homes that buy a house to buy a sand are not easy to buy, showing how expensive the sand is today.

    How to turn the gravel into sand, what processing equipment do you need to use? According to the actual processing needs, the configuration of the production line is somewhat different, but we will use the common sand making configuration as an example to show you how to turn the gravel into sand.

    The main sand processing process includes: feeding, sand making and sieving. In fact, it is very simple. In fact, this is the basic sand making operation. According to the actual situation, equipment such as crusher and sand washing machine can be selected as needed. When the material size is too large, the introduction of the crusher configuration can speed up the sand making efficiency and improve the taste of the discharge. The sand washing machine can wash away the dust and foreign matter contained in the material, effectively improve the material purity, and the high-grade sand material is more Economic value.