How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird In Windows 10?

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How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird In Windows 10?
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    If you find any difficulty in configuring Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows 10, then the steps which you would have to follow strictly are as mentioned below:

    ·        Download and install Thunderbird from their official website.

    ·        Click on ‘Tools’ and then open the option of ‘Accounting Settings.’

    ·        Further, choose the option of ‘Email account’ and enter your name and email address.

    ·        You would now have to choose which protocol you wish to incorporate among POP and IMAP.

    ·        Now type the email address for both incoming and outgoing user name.

    ·        Once you have entered all the required information, click on Confirm.

    ·        Enter ‘’ in the server field and change the port name to 80.

    ·        In the end, enter your username and password and click on OK.

    If the users are still unable to configure Mozilla Thunderbird, then you would only have the option of connecting with mozilla firefox usa number. Using this feature, the users can easily attain all the required assistance against the issue which they are facing.

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