Realm Royale Battle Pass 3 has gone out of this world

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Realm Royale Battle Pass 3 has gone out of this world
  • Realm Royale Battle Pass 3 has gone out of this world with new skins for all four classes, more chicken skins, animated sprays, alternate map markers, and new mounts.This Sci-Fi themed Battle Pass, costing 900 Crowns (around $8 of in-game currency) for the paid path, will grant rewards and a 50% XP increase for the whole season, in addition to all the new cosmetic items.

    The studio has included a few improvements to their progression system with the new Pass. Players earn additional experience for surviving longer in matches. Each player’s first kill of the game also rewards more experience, so those short games don’t feel like a waste as long as you cook at least one chicken.When reaching certain levels of the Battle Pass players earn Crowns (Realm’s in-game currency). Players can get a total of 800 Crowns this way. That’s almost enough to cover the 900 Crowns it costs to buy the Pass. And if you want to Buy Realm Royale Crowns, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

    In the past we’ve offered everything from unicorns to velociraptors as mounts, but The Next Frontier Battle Pass adds an entirely new mount type: The HL-1700 motorcycle. Engineered to traverse the Realm with style and power, the new motorcycle mount pairs well with some of the class skins we’re offering with this Battle Pass. On the chicken side, we have two all-new techno-chicken skins: The robotic R0B0K chicken, and the cyber-armored BattleBok chicken.