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  • If any-one has question there is a place you can go (no not the ymca). recordingreview.com is a web-site ran and dedicated to/by independent recording studios across America (mainly). It is kinda like wikipedia to the recording world and strongly recommend you guys check it out.
    As it is good to openly merge communities.
    Usually I post up online just over there, and do not bother to wander around the net much. As an audio engineer and a musician the internet is kinda boring especially since I prefer music with the least bit of encoding and loaded with human elements (good acoustics are a plus). But yea, basically the site is a great resource for every-thing related to recording, and the contests they have are just awesome. The Steven slate contest winner is getting every Steven slate plug-in for life, for example, and right now there is a raffle on for some microphones. 
    Point is that most kids out in the industry today have a wealth of resource at their disposition, and I would like to suggest to members here to hop over to recordingreview.com and batter away on the forums.
    The bash this recording section is pretty good for any-one looking for criticism that covers 20-20k frequency range, harmonic imbalances and phase issues (just to name 3 things the pros over there look for).
    Uploading songs to the forum has the advantage that only members are allowed to see the songs, and there isn't a cap on how many songs you upload (though there is a size limit per song). I've been helping people on mixes for a year now and usually don't make any mistakes.
    The other thing is that the collaboration part of the site has been as interesting as witnessing an ice cube staying frozen, mainly because every-one is always busy running a studio. 
    As far as internet communities are concerned, I stand against the current limitations of web 2.0 and have started to opt out. If 17 million streams on pandora is only equal to 10k bucks in hand, than the whole mass production theory holds and there are just to many 'musicians' out there to actually consider music as source of income, the whole one note one tempo locked to the 4/4 grid of a bloody digital format also turns me off as much as rotten hamburgers (filled with maggots and crawling with flies!)...so music has not much to offer any-more, and it has turned into a giant canvas of people uniting (usually in the key of A at 120 bpm).
    The only reason I'm here is because recently, I installed linux and found ohmstudio from a search for an internet based daw (because linux doesnt have anything as good as windows or mac does). At home a solution had to be found just in case I'd have to 'engineer' some-thing out of the studio (though it's not a habit to take work home). I work with studios such as this one, btw (http://www.fenixstudios.com/main.cfm <- check out the fx racks on that studio! yummy!!!) so there isn't much to take home anyway, and I get to be cocky :)
    Anyways, hope you guys here get along with R.R. Pleasure to have made the introduction. If any-one hops on de other forum I will bash you mix to bits :) Be-weary.

    P.s. Screw gear-sluts ! :) 

  • Hello Dudermn and welcome. 

    If you want to grasp the whole idea of Ohm Studio and why it actually is a musician's place (see ? I did say musician! ) I strongly suggest you to come on one of the friday's events (8PM 2AM GMT) and do collab real time with the gang. 

    Also here's a mix of one of the latest project for you to bash: