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Bug Report
  • staudtgc said:

    Sorry, @red_force, I must not have been clear.  I'm not expecting Ohm to provide MIDI and it doesn't have any trouble recording from my MIDI keyboard.  The problem is I don't hear the output.  Audio plays through my speakers but MIDI doesn't, nor does it give any options for recognizing Windows' sound card to interpret the MIDI, as other DAWs do automatically.  (And how can I edit the piano roll clips unless I can hear what I'm doing?)

    MIDI is not audio, they are just like musical notation, they don't make a sound, unless you use them to play an instrument. like @red_force mentioned, you need a MIDI instrument, like UVI to read the MIDI and play the sound you have selected.
    I'm yet to see a DAW that automatically selects an instrument for a MIDI track.
    Hope that makes sense.
  • It's really useful steps to report annoying pugs gmail. That's nice.
  • I just downloaded a fresh version of Ohm (I had to uninstall the previous version I had) and now I keep getting Connection Failed The Ohm Server is not reachable. I got that anytime I tried to login last night too. What is going on?
  • Why am I getting an Ohm Studio server is unreachable when I try to login? What's going on?
  • Hi Mike

    There was a server outage which explains the errors. You should be able to install and log in now.

  • I can not do the preview. No audio appears on the project page after export
  • The link you have attached gets a 404 not found.

    I have found sometimes you need to export the project a second time and then it shows up.

    Please try again and let me know if it's still not showing up
  • Hello I am new to this program and beyond anxious to get it going! I signed up for an account and it said to wait for an email. Well it has been 24 hours so far with no email. I checked my inboxes and spam folders... After waiting a while for an email, I assumed was going to show up within a few minutes, I ended up making another account with another email to try and see if that worked. No luck, same result...

    If anyone knows why I have not gotten the email or if you may know how long it takes, PLEASE let me know. I would love to use this awesome program ASAP...

    -Chris Hoyt / Pharmies Reggae

  • Hello Chris

    I'm just a user of ohm Studio but I opened a ticket for you with support@ohmstudio.com

    Hopefully you will hear back from them soon.

    It is indeed a great program and unique environment to collaborate with others.
    Hope to see you online soon !

    Best regards
  • i have had several people sign up for ohmstudio in the past 3 or 4 days and none of us have received the confirmation email yet... Were all anxious...
  • I'm sorry to hear that the support has not contacted you yet. I know ohmstudio is essentially functionally stable meaning it's not going to get fixed her updated anytime soon but I didn't think they were moving backward.

    I have sent another email to support on your behalf.

  • I received an email indicating that things should be working now.

    Give it another try and let me know if you're able to finally get an account created and access ohm Studio
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