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Bug Report
  • staudtgc said:

    Sorry, @red_force, I must not have been clear.  I'm not expecting Ohm to provide MIDI and it doesn't have any trouble recording from my MIDI keyboard.  The problem is I don't hear the output.  Audio plays through my speakers but MIDI doesn't, nor does it give any options for recognizing Windows' sound card to interpret the MIDI, as other DAWs do automatically.  (And how can I edit the piano roll clips unless I can hear what I'm doing?)

    MIDI is not audio, they are just like musical notation, they don't make a sound, unless you use them to play an instrument. like @red_force mentioned, you need a MIDI instrument, like UVI to read the MIDI and play the sound you have selected.
    I'm yet to see a DAW that automatically selects an instrument for a MIDI track.
    Hope that makes sense.