How to Solve Outlook for Mac Search Not Working problem?

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How to Solve Outlook for Mac Search Not Working problem?
  • Outlook is a great program for managing your emails from
    multiple accounts. Outlook also provides a wide range of features that can be
    useful for overall time management. Overall, Outlook is a great software that
    is suitable for business people for management of emails. But, despite being
    very useful, you might encounter some problems while using Outlook for Mac. A
    very common problem in outlook for mac
    search issue
    is its search problems. Sometimes, if you try to search for a
    specific email you will get “No results found” from the search result.


    How to solve
    Microsoft Outlook Search Function Not Working?

    This is a problem because it will give you the “No results
    found” answer even if your email is in the folder. The error comes without any
    prior warning so you won’t be able to detect or prevent it. This can be a huge
    problem especially for people with a lot of emails because it would take a lot
    of time for them to go through all the emails.


    The exact reason of this error is still unknown though but
    there are a couple of things that might cause this problem like corrupt or
    incomplete spotlight indexing, one of the parent folders being in privacy tab,
    Outlook profile folder being stored at a wrong place and several others. Since
    it can happen because of a lot of things, there are multiple methods that you
    can try to solve this.


    So, go through each method listed below and check whether
    the problem is solved after following each method.


    If you recently added a new account or a new
    profile or imported new data into the Outlook then it might simply be a matter
    of time. It takes some time to add newly imported data to Spotlight index. So
    wait until the indexing is complete and then try again.


    Make sure that you have all the latest updates
    of office. The issue is usually solved by updating your Microsoft Office as
    well. To update, just simply open Microsoft Outlook, select Help and then
    select Check for updates. It will check and automatically install the updates.


    Sometimes the problem might be caused by the
    Outlook Profile folder being stored at the wrong place. There is a default
    location where these folders are supposed to be stored. So, checking these
    places is a good way to check whether the problem is because of wrong
    destination. This is the default location /Users/<Username>/Library/Group
    Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles.


    Make sure that there aren’t any special
    characters in your Outlook Profile’s name because that can create a lot of
    problems. If there are then go to method 1 to delete and recreate your Outlook


    However, if you don’t want to delete and
    recreate your profile, you can go to this location
    Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/ and rename your
    Profile folder without the special characters as well. Don’t forget to replace
    “<Username>” with your mac username.

    When your index has finished rebuilding, you can go ahead
    and restart your Microsoft Outlook searches. This should have fixed your
    Microsoft Outlook search not working problems.

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    MAC Search Not Working