analysis of vertical mill market

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analysis of vertical mill market
  • In general, for vertical roller mill after aging, the methods we handle are repairs, replacements, updates, and improved repairs. In general, these different methods have different usage conditions.

    When the physical aging and intangible aging of the equipment exist simultaneously, it should be updated to replace the old production machine with high-efficiency vertical roller mill;

    In the event of complete physical aging, some xth invisible aging also occurs, and improved repairs should be used;

    According to the above analysis of the methods of repair, replacement, renewal and improvement repair, it can be seen that for the ultra-fine mill, after it has aged, it needs to be repaired according to the wear and consumption rules of the parts and the replacement cycle. Plan, in accordance with the production plan and maintenance plan, according to the quota of parts and reserves, reserve a sufficient amount of vulnerable spare parts, to achieve planned maintenance and condition monitoring and maintenance, reasonable maintenance can make the equipment meet the processing of materials under the premise of cost saving process.