Impact mobile crusher realizes recycling of construction waste

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Impact mobile crusher realizes recycling of construction waste
  • With the continuously extending of urban construction scale, the reconstruction of old cities is intensified, the appearance of city changes day by day and outstanding projects emerge in an endless stream. But at the same time, we cannot ignore such a problem as is difficult to solve, that is the dumps and landfills of construction wastes not only occupy a lot of land and pollute the urban environment, but cause different degrees of pollution to the surface water and deep water. The difficulty of disposing construction waste crusher has been an urgent problem to be solved. As the main content of realizing circular economy in construction and building material industry, it is urgent to vigorously carry out the recycling, regeneration and comprehensive utilization of construction waste.

    It is understood that construction waste must be disposed in the designated place according to the relevant regulation. But the fact is that a great amount of construction waste is not disposed properly, but dumped optionally, and the amount is usually dozens of cubic meters. This garbage dumped optionally not only is difficult to clean up, but often leads to the increase of household garbage and sometimes even forms foul-smelling garbage dump.

    In order to energetically develop the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, promote the comprehensive recycling of construction waste, in 2007, our company as a professional research enterprise in the regeneration and treatment technology of construction waste in China, has successfully launched the first domestic construction waste processing equipment to solve the recycling of construction waste, that is impact mobile crushing station. This specially researched and developed crushing machine provides a new way for the recycling of construction waste and people won鈥檛 have to suffer the hidden pollution danger of construction waste landfill in the future.