effect work of stone crusher plant

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effect work of stone crusher plant
  • Stone crusher plant is the equipment finished product size the smallest production grinding equipment, mainly used for super fine grinding some work hardness standards size consistent with the material of the. Then use the customer want to buy their own stone crusher plant equipment can achieve high yield and low consumption of the effect, what are the factors that control the stone crusher plant work?

    1. stone crusher plant feed moisture content is how much? Tilting mill equipment for feeding water content requirements are very high the requirements, the water content is less than 6%, if the water content is too large, will make the viscous material inside the equipment, reduce the efficiency of work, cause the congestion status of equipment.So we should strictly control the moisture content of the feed, to ensure production capacity.

    2. swing mill what are the requirements for the hardness of a material. From the large scale tilting mill material requirements must be lower than the Mohs hardness of 6, so that it can ensure the product specifications, generally exist in the natural material hardness can meet this requirement, for those partial materials with high hardness, tilting mill equipment can be processed, but the efficiency, yield may not be so high, this is also the pendulum grinding machine equipment to improve the local.