application of kaolin processing plant

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application of kaolin processing plant
  • People often say crusher is the industrial production said the crusher, crusher is generally used for the processing of raw materials of industrial production in the block is relatively large, but according to the production demand different, produces material particle size are different. kaolin processing plant can produce more than 8 mm size in large grain material, also can produce the fine granularity of material particle size below 1 mm, it all depends on the production material application areas differ.

    The box body, rotor, hammer, impact plate, plate etc five part manufacturers commonly used crushing equipment, its working principle is the use of hammer crusher internal to the original material impact crushing, broken after the completion of the boring into the lower part of the rotor is, rushed to hammer driven by material in crushing plate for the second time in the process of hammer crushing, high-speed rotary continuous belt in animal feed and crushing impact.

    When broken to a certain degree of material, into the sieve plates in the impact of the drive, a particle size of less than sieve plate hole, then the crushed material will be discharged through sieve, sieve pore diameter greater than the coarse grained material, will stay on the sieve plate continues to be a hammer blow and grinding, until the break to through the sieve screening size through the sieve plate, material, is directly through the sieve after delivery to the discharge port.