Silica Powder Grinding Mill

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Silica Powder Grinding Mill
  • As the silica is a kind of associated minerals,it needs various Ultrafine Mill processing used in the production of must pass and removal of gangue minerals in the material.Processing the silica into fine powder is helpful to improve the purity in industrial use and can better play its natural performence. Silica can through visible light and ultraviolet. Therefore,it can make the mercury lamp, high-temperature chemical equipment and optical instruments. In addition, it is also widely used in glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics, metallurgy, refractories, elemental silicon, architectural concrete, abrasive materials and being a great market potential ore. Silica is a hard non-metallic refractory ore. It is widely distributed in nature with other minerals and constitute the rocks. It has the performance of high hardness, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, electrical insulation.

    The Silica powder making machines is a MTM Silica Trapezium Mill. It is designed by engineer on years of customer feedback and overcome the traditional mills defect. MTM Silica Trapezium Mill is an ideal equipment for silica,which Mos' hardness is 7 will not cause too much pressure on the machine.Using the MTM Silica Trapezium Mill for silica powder making,it will brought large economic benefits to you and the society. For the can give you the benefits as follow.

    Wider application; that all the stones under the 9.3 Moh's hardness is suiteable. Largest capacity; wihch maximum capacity can be 50tph. Fineness; three models and five cavity to meet the requirements of various fineness. Service life; high manganese steel roller, effectively reduce abrasion in use.