Complete cement production process in cement plant

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Complete cement production process in cement plant
  • Generally speaking, the Stone Crusher Deploy Manufacturer industry production of Portland cement, Portland cement is a kind of meticulous, usually in the form of gray powder, it is composed of calcium (from limestone), silicate and aluminate (clay) and the composition of ferrite. In a silicate cement plant, cement production technology mainly has the following process:

    1. Crushing And Homogenization. (1) the Stone Crushing Equipment Sale production process, a large part of the raw material to be broken, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal, etc. Because the limestone is one of the largest raw material consumption in the process of production, out of the ground after the larger particles, hardness is higher, so the limestone crushing in cement material crushing occupies more important position. Commonly used limestone crushing equipment are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on. (2) the raw material is the field in save, take the process of raw material, the use of material piling and taking scientific technology, to achieve the initial homogenization of raw material, make the raw material yard and the function of storage and homogenization.

    2. Raw Meal Preparation. Cement production process, each producing one ton of Portland cement grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including all kinds of raw materials, fuel, clinker, gypsum, mixture), according to the statistics, dry process cement grinding operation equipment production line need to consume power accounted for about 60% of the entire factory power above, of which more than 30% of raw material grinding, grinding coal accounts for about 3%, accounted for about 40% of cement grinding.