Sign up for a new Pokemon Go account and choose your player character

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Sign up for a new Pokemon Go account and choose your player character
  • A new version has just been released which improves load times (making the Pokemon Go app faster), transfer speeds are improved and glitches have been addressed. Gifts can contain helpful items including Potions, Poke Balls, Berries and more. They won’t contain rare or Raid drop items, such as Rare Candy or TMs. That’s because you can immediately transfer them to the Professor to get Pokemon Go PokeCoins. Medals won't appear until you've done the required action at least once, and to snag a gold medal you'll have to get grinding, some of them require players to capture 200 of the same type of Pokemon.  It’s safe to say that 2019 will have its fair share of shiny events for you to take advantage of. Even if you have no shinies in your collection at present, you could finish out the year with quite a few if you’re vigilant.

    Since these coins are how you purchase extra items and upgrades from within the shop, getting them without shelling out your hard earned cash is fantastic. Before you dive into the world of Pokemon Go, here's a nifty tip to get the famous electric Pokemon, Pikachu, as your starter. They even have a chance to contain a 7km Egg that, when hatched, contains an Alolan Pokemon. For example, if you’ve got an abundance of Pidgeys, you should immediately figure out which one of them is the most powerful by seeing which has the highest CP score and the highest rated attacks. In a recent update, Ninatic added a new feature which grants a catch bonus when you earn medals based on catching certain types of Pokemon.  

    All Shiny Pokemon have a different color than their normal variant, but some have easy to miss distinctions. Just remember that after the battle, whether you win or lose you'll need to use a Revive on any of your Pokemon who fainted. Sign up for a new Pokemon Go account and choose your player character. You'll be asked by the Professor to catch a Pokemon and this is where you usually get the chance to catch the classic stater Pokemon Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. You can trade Pokemon with other Trainers on the very first day you become friends. However, you must be physically located within 100km of the player which means no online Pokemon trading. You won’t be able to trade anything but regular Pokemon until you reach Good Friends with a Trainer, but that requires just one interaction. 

    Once you know which one you’re going to keep, select the first Pidgey you want to transfer, scroll down to the bottom of the menu that pops up, and tap Transfer. These include Kindler, Psychic, and Gardener types, and so on. The screen these medals appear on has also been redesigned. If you aren’t sure if a Pokemon is shiny or not, look for a sparkly animation when first encountering the Pokemon. If you’re still not sure, look for an icon with three diamonds next to the Cheap PokeCoins on the catch screen. It won't take long before you end up seeing a photo of a Pokemon that you desperately want in your roster. Whether you're after a Vulpix because of how cute it is, or a Snorlax for that fantastic CP, tracking Pokemon will pop into your head soon enough. Instead, walk away from them, and continue to walk away from them until your phone vibrates.