Vibration parameters affect the screening effect of vibrating screen

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Vibration parameters affect the screening effect of vibrating screen
  • As the important equipment in ore dressing line, the screening effect of the screen is also very important. The screening effect of the sand screening equipment is related to many factors, which includes material properties, structure parameters and movement parameters of the screen surface. The vibration characteristic parameters include vibration frequency, amplitude, vibrating direction angle and tilt angle of screen, all of which affect the screening effect of the screen.

    1. Amplitude.If the amplitude increases, the screen clogging phenomenon will be greatly reduced, which is also conducive to the layered material. But if the amplitude is too large, it may cause serious damage to the equipment. Amplitude is selected according to the size and nature of the materials.

    2. Vibrating direction angle.The angle between the vibrating direction line and the upper layer screen surface is called the vibrating direction angle. The larger the vibrating direction angle, the shorter moving distance the material will have each time. The material move more slowly in the sieve surface, the material can be fully obtained screening, so as to get high screening efficiency. If the vibrating direction angle is smaller, each throwing forward will be farther. When the material is passing through the sieve surface, it will be faster with high processing capacity, but the material cannot be fully screened.

    3. The inclination of the screen surface.The angle between the plane and the horizontal plane is called the screen angle. The inclination of the angle is closely related to the screening efficiency and the processing capacity of the equipment. When the angle increases, it will increase the intensity of the material on the sieve surface, thereby the forward movement speed of materials on the sieve surface will accelerate and the processing capacity of vibrating sieve will also be increased, but the residence time of materials on the sieve surface will be shortened, thus reducing the through screen opportunity of th particles, so that the screening efficiency is lower. Otherwise, the processing quantity will reduce and the screening efficiency will be increased.

    4. The vibration frequency.If the vibration frequency increases, the beating times of materials on the screen surface will also be increased, which can speed up the screening rate and improve screening efficiency, but if the frequency is too high, it will reduce the service life of the screening equipment.

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