Audio playback very crackly using second rack

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Audio playback very crackly using second rack
  • Hello,
    When I record on one rack and a couple of tracks, the playback/audio output is perfect. However, as soon as I open a new rack, start a new track and record on this track, the audio output is slow and seriously crackly and distorted.
    I'm using a USB Rode Podcaster microphone and the standard Ohm Studio settings.
    I don't think this is a bug but I couldn't find the relevant category, I wonder whether my computer has enough power? It's a brand new laptop:

    Or could this be a speakers issue? This is when playing back through the normal PC. If I plugged in headphones through an audio output I wonder if it would resolve this issue? I will check later.

    Could anyone help please?
    Thank you.