Daily overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant

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Daily overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant
  • Mobile crusher plant is also referred to mobile crushing station, mobile construction station and mobile screen station in industry, which is the more advanced mobile equipment among current mining equipment. In our using process, mobile crusher station can conveniently move the overall equipment, which is of flexibility, convenience, strong maneuverability and saves a large number of infrastructure and relocation costs. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity, chemical industry, etc, stone quarry plant is good equipment of material relocation operations. We can configure different mobile crushing stationsaccording to difference of materials to be crushed and processed. As the applications of mobile construction station increases gradually, overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant become even more important. Here, we will briefly introduce overhaul and maintenance of mobile construction station.

    1. Daily Maintenance

    The equipment should be lubricated according to requirements. Medium and small equipment mainly uses lubricating grease and lubricating oil to lubricate on a regular basis. Large-scale equipment like cone crusher and jaw crusher is generally equipped with forced lubricating system. At this time, you should often observe oil temperature, oil pressure, quantity of flow and other parameters. Besides, it's necessary to tighten the loose fasteners.

    During the running of equipment, you should always pay attention to noise and vibration of equipment, if it appears excessive noise or vibration, you should quick stop to check the machine. After troubleshooting, you should restart the machine with no-load according to starting sequence. Additionally, you should also pay attention to quality and productivity of product, when quality and production rate are abnormal, the machine is likely to be clogged or worn.

    2. Overhaul

    In order to keep the equipment in good performance, you should also carry out minor repair, repair and overhaul in addition to normal maintenance. Repair schedule of mobile construction station is put forward according to inspection requirements of each machines used in silica sand plant. Due to the difference of repair schedule of each machine, when conditions allow, you can replace some machine to carry out overhaul, thus reducing down time and improving utilization rate of equipment.

  • Yeah, the right side, with the belt running on the sheave, should have a cage over it. Also, this is a small jaw crusher. I work for an industrial distributor. One of our assignment help | buyassignmentservice customers services a steel mill and processes their slag. The crusher they have is literally 5 times the size of that one.