Program from Ohmforce ... Tool to help better organize your Ohmstudio Projects

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Program from Ohmforce ... Tool to help better organize your Ohmstudio Projects
  • Providing you the ability to better manage your ohmstudio projects ...

    This is for anyone who has been looking for a better way to sort/filter/organize/manage their ohmstudio projects,

    Below is a tool and  procedure which enables you to extract and transform your specific ohmstudio project data into manageable information

    Your specific ohmstudio project information (my projects) will be extracted into rows and columns of data

    * project name
    * creation date  (Unix date/time stamp format)
    * last modified date 
     (Unix date/time stamp format)
    * Your role - admin or contributor
    * project members and their roles -  admin or contributor
    * project URLS
       - ohmstudio site web link
       - Amazon hosted S3 urls for .ogg, and .m4a formats
    * project attributes: public, private, closed, open, hidden, cloneable, 
    * project short description


    1.  Log into via the web browser

    2.  Once you are logged in and see your projects listed...

         Copy/Paste in the URL below and hit enter

    This is the JSON program provided by Ohmforce, after logging into ohmstudio from a browser,  it will output the contents of your project list to your screen in JSON data format  (provided courtesy of Vincent - aka mauve_force  - Thank You Vincent !)


    At this stage, you have JSON formatted data which for those of you with programming skillsets,  can choose to read, convert, format, display, sort and filter using various tools/languages,database tables, etc.  (HTML tables, SQL Server/MySQL tables, etc.).  Lots and lots of free data transformation tools out there

    Non-Programmers or if you just dont want to code:

    For those without programming skillsets or who would prefer not to code, you can easily use some free tools to convert the JSON data to CSV format and easily read/import into Excel

    Import to Excel - Continuing from Step 2 above ....

    3.  Select All and Copy to your clipboard

    4.  Go to this web site -

    5.  Paste your JSON data into the window, Convert to CSV,  and save your CSV file output to your local machine

    6.  Excel Users - Launch Excel, Import data from CSV file

    (Tip:  You can use this formula to convert the date fields (creation and last modified)  into date format for excel

    Assuming your date fields was in Column "A"     The formula you would use for the new date column is:


    - then just use excel formatting on the new column to display the date

    (see Convert Timestamp to Date section in this link for more detailed instructions)

    There are other techniques as well to get the data into excel using get and transform queries.

    * Office 365 Excel has a built-in option for directly importing JSON date from a Query - see link)

    I hope some find this to be a useful tool for managing your projects in Ohmstudio  !

    Cheers !
    All my Best

    Rocky !