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  • Attention
    to the entire ohmstudio community, there is a user who has registered
    under a false name exploiting the image of a pretty girl, but who
    clearly tries to defraud people.
    The username with
    which he registered is "ninadaly" and he can send you messages in which
    he asks to be contacted via email to offer you an artistic
    After you have replied he sends you an email
    where he writes that he has inherited a few million dollars and would
    like your help to open a recording studio in your country, rewarding you with a
    good percentage.
    If you search online this is one of the now historical methods that use scammers to try  get money from people. So be careful there may also be others with other usernames and maybe even use different persuasive techniques. For ohmstudio managers: please delete that account. This is the email he sent me:


    Thanks for your response. 

    Please be informed that i used that means in order to relate to you
    on this profitable project. However i apologize with due respect as it
    may be very strange to you hence we have not communicated or know each
    other before. I am looking for your cooperation
    in building Music Recording Studio, a Tourist Hotel, Real Estate or to
    invest into any other business you may advise in your country. 

    I am sorry if this is not in line with your business, i need your
    assistance to help me set up and develop the project with USD$2,500
    000.00, which i inherited from my late father. On the resumption of the
    project, you will be made a director for the role
    and the assistance you rendered. You will also be entitled to a
    percentage agreed upon between You and I before the commencement of the
    Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated and i shall give
    you more information on this project. i will be very happy to receive
    your acceptance reply to help me to accomplish this plan to come to your
    country to further my educations while you will
    be managing the investments on my behalf. I

    I look forward for your acceptance reply. 

    Thank you, 
  • Let's hope that in the meantime there will not be someone so stupid as to believe the story they tell