Profile Picture Bugs/Errors on Website

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Profile Picture Bugs/Errors on Website
  • Hey Team!

    So I am having trouble uploading a profile picture.

    I have tried several different sizes, formats, and browsers and I keep getting 2 errors.

    One is this:
    "An HTTP error 0 occurred. 

    The other is this:
    "The selected file xxxxx.jpg could not be uploaded. The file is not a known image format."

    Any ideas for workarounds?

    Should I try a specific resolution image?

    I was trying jpg's and png's on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Mac OS X).

    Thanks, All!
    Frim Fram :)
  • fyi here's the image I was trying

  • Hey,

    Please contact for such issues.

    Mauve Force.
  • Same problems occur, can anyone solve it ?

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