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The Ohm Peace Band Charitable Donations...Gofundme Pages
  • Ohm Peace Band and Charitable Donations ....

    Each time we launch a new video/song for the ohm peace band, we can optionally set-up a gofundme campaign for the targetted charity - the primary owners/contributors of the video/songs get to pick their desired charity.  

    - see examples below  

    Sept. Video - Peace in our World -->UNICEF

    Oct. Video - What kind of planet are we living on ? -->UNICEF

    Nov.  Video - Plastics -->  Plastic Oceans Foundation
    If you have a specific charity you would like to raise money for and wish to leverage the ohm peace band site/contents, you can !   

    If it is a registered certified charity of gofundme, I will set up the site on your behalf and if you wish, transfer ownsership of the admin of the site to you.  If it is not a registered certified charity  (EIN number) with gofundme, we can just put the link to your charities site/donation page in the web site and as the final slide of your video or a popup link on a song play.

    Just contact Irockus, Mrwizard2112, or Cpl Crapper when online or send me an email within ohmstudio...


    Email directly to me, Irockus -  click here

    Thanks !

    Peace, Love and Ωhm