Help! Midi connecting

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Help! Midi connecting
  • Hi everyone! 
    I'm new to Ohm studio and I like it very much.
    I'm in trouble... I tried to connect my keyboard (Studiologic numa compact2) with a MIDI-USB cable. Ohm studio recognizes it as a "USB2MIDI" but I cannot play Vst instruments... I tried with "Sforzando" and "TyrellN6" plugins... no sound. What should I do? 
  • Yes! Thank you for the answer! I went through these steps, but I silly forgot to invert midi IN/OUT with cables!
    The keyboard works great but unfortunatly now I have another problem... The entire registration goes crashing and it's really hard to work or listen to it
  • I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the registration goes crashing. Tell me more

    If you've got the midi connection working now,
    You should also check your audio settings.

    Are you using an external audio interface or the native on board sound in and out of the computer and are you on a Mac or a PC ?
  • Yes I'm using an external audio interface from Behringer. I discover now that for windows is higly reccomended "Asio". I was using another driver, because I don't have yet asio4all on my pc. 

    The problem with the audio is quiet difficult to describe: 
    I cannot reproduce tracks in a clear way because they are much slower, skipping and with distortion... Seems that the M-drum kit plug in is involved in this problem but I'm not sure that it is the problem, because the entire project isn't working 

    (thank you again!)
  • The Behringer model depending on what you have may come with its own Asio driver, you may have to go to the web page for it and download

    It will be better than the asio4all driver but that will also work.

    After you have that stuff installed then you should configure ohm Studio under edit preferences audio. Make certain to match the kHz setting 44.1 or 48 your play back audio device settings in Windows for the Behringer with your setting in ohm Studio. Start with 512k buffer size and see how it sounds, if it's clear try reducing that 256 and test again. The lower the buffer size the less latency there is but sometimes you need to increase the buffer size to get clear sound without pops clicks Etc.

    If your windows playback device audio settings are set differently than ohm Studio setting for audio you will get all kinds of noise and unpleasant sound.

    Let me know what you find and I'll continue to try to help you out.

    Best regards
  • Thank you very much for your time! 

    I looked at behringer website and as a driver download they suggest the asio4all USB driver but the link on the website was not linked. So I downloaded the last version of the driver from the site and Ohm studio recognize it but I cannot use the innerface as input... If I select ASIO from the audio setting, I only have "ASIO4ALL V2" or "none"... to record with the behringer I must select "MME" and then the usb input.

    For optimal clear sound I have to stay between 1024 and 2048 (better this one) with the inevitable latency... 

    I've set playback device to 44100 equal to OhmStudio 
    Now there are no clicks and pops... but I still have the problem with the project... Yesterday I clearly recorded some audio tracks (3 or 4 in about 50-60 bars, not so heavy!)Suddenly yesterday evening I couldn't reproduce what I've recorded: I could listen to the project just one time when I open Ohm studio, then the audio starts skipping a lot and distorcing... By that moment all tracks in every bar of the project start to skip etc, so that you can't clearly listen to tracks and can't even work... Any idea?
  • Which Behringer model do you have?

    Invite me to the project, are you available to get in now online ? If not tell me a time that might work for you and maybe we can hook up live .

    I'm about to log into ohm studio for a little bit so if you are available now , I will meet you in the project and we can chat inside there.
  • Great! It's ok! It's just an experiment to see how the program works

    I've got the U-phoria UMC22
  • Glad you got it all working now and I look forward to making some great music with you on Ohmstudio !.