The Ohm Peace Band

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The Ohm Peace Band
  • Welcome !!
  • imageOhmforce , makers of Ohmstudio have graciously donated ...

    “Free 3 month subscriptions to Ohmstudio”     
     for contributors to the Ohm Peace Band Project !

    Everyone … new users, existing non paying users, and existing paying subscribers will receive this when they contribute to a song, in a tangible manner, that gets put on the Ohm Peace Band Website.

    • Songs have to be of good quality and completed

    • Contributors make tangible contributions to songs to be eligible.

    • Anyone can create a song or join someone else’s song.

    • You can do this with public or private projects – its up to you !

    • This is available to everyone now throughout the end of this year 2017
        (might extend beyond that – tbd)

    • Free 3 month ohmstudio subscriptions will be given out at the end of this year

    • One per customer only

    No limit on how many of these 

    Ohmforce Will Give Away !

    So... not only can you yourself take advantage of this 
    “free 3 month subscription (~$22 US dollars)”

    You can spread the word  to others !

    Come and join Ohmstudio and join the Ohm Peace Band !

    For existing Ohmstudio users and enthusiasts... We have a "carrot" here to attract new, retain existing , and bring back former talent to Ohm Studio !

    So Start spreading the word !!

    Inside Ohm Studio chat and more importantly, outside of ohm studio letting people know to come and claim  their "free 3-month free subscription"  by making more songs and videos for the ohm peace band and get them submitted so they can get their free stuff.

    Click Me - Rules/Guidelines, How to Submit Song to The Ohm Peace Band

    Please help us by sharing this information on facebook, email, print it out and wrap it around a stone and through it through a neighbors window - well maybe not that far, but you get the idea :)

    We can and should leverage this free giveaway opportunity to recruit more users for Ohmstudio  ... and help keep OhmStudio Alive and Well !

    Long Live Ohm Studio !

    ce Out !