Timeweaver requires Drums and Production missing

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Timeweaver requires Drums and Production missing
  • Hi!

    Our band, Timeweaver, recorded some songs a little while ago using a Korg D1600 with the in built drums which were, quite frankly, pretty poop. I've recently found out about ohmstudio and got very excited about the possibilities of what could be achieved. I have 3 tracks from the D1600 which I managed to export as an experiment to see if they could be put into other DAWs successfully.

    Now the fun part, we're looking for drums and percussion as well as someone capable of mixing and putting all the fancy bits on what we have to make it as good as it can be. We have more than 20 songs so this could be a nice ongoing project for anyone interested. Please have a look at what I've got up so far for an idea of what Timeweaver can do. 

    I hope you find them interesting enough to want to work with and hope to hear from you soon.
  • Hiya Skelebarian

    Very Nice Songs !! 

    You can invite drumaholic or  lisoph for real drums, myself for VST drums, and other things as well.

    I look forward to collaborating with you !

    Best Regards
    Rocky (Irockus)

  • Hi irockus,

    Thanks for your comments. Drumaholic has already put some tracks down on the songs however I'd love to hear multiple interpretations of the tracks and perhaps even mixing multiple drum tracks together.

    I will add you to the projects and leave it up to you what you feel happy with contributing, even if it isn't anything!

    Kind Regards,