Ohm temp files

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Ohm temp files
  • I recorded 1 hour of audio, someone close the lid of the  laptop, which caused it to sleep, which caused ohm to crash and loose the recorded audio.

    Windows 7 x64

    Apart from being dissapointed with ohm with it´s stability: Does anybody know where ohm stores it's temp files and the format it uses?

    I would really appreciate that.

    Best regards,

  • billyx said:

    Temp file is a file created to hold data temporarily while a record is being Assignment Writing made. After the program has been shut, the temporary file should be erased. Temporary files are used to help recoup lost information if the program or PC is abnormally halted.

    Hi @billyx
    thanks for taking your time to answer

    Since the program was not properly shut (blue screen of death) hopefully the temporary file might not be erased

    Do you know the path Ohm uses for storing recordings in progress?
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