FL Studio / Superior Drummer / Ohm Integration

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FL Studio / Superior Drummer / Ohm Integration
  • My use case:

    Guitarist im collaborating with wants to use FL Studio to program his midi drums since the piano roll in Ohm is unusable for that purpose ( too tiny can't see notes hard to use). We load FL Studio into the daw just fine. We load Superior onto a pattern in FL and open the piano roll. We add a couple hits. (This could be any vst btw) We then hear audio and see meters bouncing on the FL track. I create a midi pattern on the FL Studio header in the rack. We hit record expecting either audio or midi from the FL vst to go into the arrangement window but nothing is recorded. 

    So is there a way to actually use FL in Ohm? Is there a better piano roll vst im unaware of as a workaround? Does Ohm plan on making the piano roll more user friendly like FL's? 
  • I figured out I can freeze the FL studio track and it will spit out audio drums, but no midi. For collaboration I think this is fine, but it would be nice to figure out how to get midi notes out of FL with exporting and importing, or a way to drag and drop onto a superior drummer track.