Some ideas to make ohm a more rewarding place for all of us.

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Some ideas to make ohm a more rewarding place for all of us.

  • People use ohm for many reasons. I am like most of you. I
    like it here. So….this is just some thoughts on how to make it better for all
    of us.

    We all struggle to learn how to use the software. No DAW is
    easy to learn. AndyMc spent some time with me yesterday on Skype and showed me
    a bunch of things that would have taken me forever to learn on my own. Thanks
    Andy!! So here is idea number one.

    We should have a certain time each week that
    people who actually know how to use the software can give some instructions and
    answer questions both basic and more advanced.

    We can call it the DAW learning collab.

    We all come here to make music and
    there are many different styles that different people like. I for one would
    like to better understand certain styles that I currently have little or no
    exposure too. We also have people here at many different levels of skill with guitar,
    bass, keyboards and many other things. I think we should teach each other. So,
    here is idea number two.

    We should have a certain time each week that
    players can teach stuff and answer question that people have. Don’t ever think
    for one minute you do not have something to give no matter what level of skill
    sets you have.

    We can call this ohm school for musicians

    Ohm is much more than just a DAW,
    or can be. It is an international meeting place to make new friends and
    experience new ideas from a large number of cultures. Sure we have languages
    issues to deal with….welcome to the international part!!!  Lol Actually it can be fun and thanks to
    Google Translate we can communicate in some languages at least. Google does not
    work perfectly for sure but we can struggle through and there are many here who
    speak several languages who can help.

    This is our village and our people
    and our responsibility to take care of both.

  • Here is my french rewritting (only a few changes). You can for instance edit your post en remove the french part of it.

    Quelques idées pour faire d'ohm une place plus gratifiante pour nous tous.

    Les gens utilisent ohm pour de nombreuses raisons. Je suis comme la plupart d'entre vous. Je me plais ici.
    Donc .... voici juste quelques réflexions sur la façon de le rendre meilleur pour nous tous.

    Nous avons tous du mal à apprendre à utiliser le logiciel. Aucune DAW n'est facile à apprendre. AndyMc a passé quelque temps avec moi hier sur Skype et m'a montré un tas de choses qui m'auraient
    pris une éternité à apprendre par moi-même. Merci Andy! Voici donc l'idée numéro 1 :

    1. Nous devrions passer un certain temps chaque semaine où les gens qui savent réellement utiliser le
    logiciel donneraient des instructions et répondraient aux questions de base et celles plus avancées.

    Nous pouvons l'appeler l'apprentissage collaboratif.

    Nous venons tous ici pour faire de la musique et il y autant de styles différents que personnes différentes. Pour ma part je voudrais mieux comprendre certains styles auxquels j'ai été peu confronté. Nous avons aussi des gens ici avec différents niveaux d'habileté en guitare, basse, claviers et bien d'autres
    choses. Je pense que nous devrions apprendre les uns des autres. Donc, voici l'idée numéro 2 :

    2. Nous devrions consacrer un certain temps chaque semaine pendant lequel les utilisateurs peuvent enseigner des choses et répondre aux questions que les gens ont. Vous auriez tort de penser que vous
    n'avez pas quelque chose à apporter, peu importe votre niveau de compétence.

    Nous pouvons appeler ceci : l'école Ohm pour les musiciens collaboratifs.

    Ohm est beaucoup plus que juste un DAW, ou en tout cas, peut le devenir. C'est un lieu de rencontre international pour se faire de nouveaux amis et découvrir de nouvelles idées à partir d'un grand nombre de
    cultures. Bien sûr, nous avons des problèmes pour faire face aux langues ....
    Bienvenue à la partie internationale! Lol

    En fait, ça peut être amusant et grâce à Google Translate, nous pouvons communiquer dans certaines langues au moins. Google ne fonctionne pas parfaitement bien sûr, mais nous pouvons nous en sortir avec et il y en a beaucoup ici qui parlent plusieurs langues et peuvent aider.

    Il s'agit de notre village et de notre peuple et il est de notre responsabilité de prendre soin des deux.

  • I'm totally agree with planobilly's idea. I mean, the Ohm Studio don't need more than they have for make things that you mentioned. Like you said, Ohm is much more than just a DAW.
    It's more like a people initiative.
    Of course, it would be more nice and more advantageous those who teach earning some kind of bonus and those who learn expand their knowledge in practice.

    Maybe someone, me, you, unwittingly try adding these values to the community and if these initiatives are appreciated by others, I believe that they will invest.

    best regards
  • I agree, it's a true good idea and I start:

    I give free lessons!

    Basic Usage of ohmstudio
    ecording chaotic guitars and other rock'n'roll instruments
    Composition and arrangement of improbable songs

    Special training:
    Finding the hole in a massive project full of keyboards layers (very important skills in public ohmstudio project).

    Send me a message, I can teach in French, English or any langage that google translates.

    I am also at your service for any works of guitars, collaborative session, hopeless project, nonsense chat!


  • complete noob here so maybe this suggestion is missing the point.  but...  why not just have some tutorial videos? that way the effort the teacher(s) put forth isn't repeated over, and over, and over again? 
  • There are some in the documentation, Chaplin. Thing is, the software is moving fast and they're getting outdated quickly :P
    Also you learn way better when you see things happen from inside a UI you can actually manipulate rather than from a static video (although video has advantages on its own).

    Planobilly's suggestions are truly great. I'll make a try soon about making education session on how to use ohmstudio. My main issue would be "when to do that". Suggestions ?