Song still playing, even though OhmStudio closed

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Song still playing, even though OhmStudio closed
  • So, just a note, I have 10 GB of space left on my 256 GB SSD. So yes I'm going to be cleaning this up to make more room. But I thought I would let you guys know that my project kind of froze and wouldn't allow me to edit anything while the song was playing. So I tried to close the song and it gave me the spinning beachball sign on my Mac and wouldn't close. So I force quit Ohm Studio and my song still kept playing. I think this is due to low amount of hard drive space I have left, but I thought I would bring to your guys attention.
  • Hi stikygum.

    This sounds like a typical example of the bug we're currently working on.
    When this happens, the only thing that's left to do is to force quit the OhmStudioGuest process in the Activity Monitor.

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