Login Failure???

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Login Failure???
  • I just got approved to beta test Ohm Studio and I downloaded and installed the app, also created my user account. After installing the software I tried to login with my user name and password and I keep getting an error that reads:


    Anyone experience this? If so, how do I fix it or what am I doing wrong?
  • Encountering the same thing when trying to login.  Got approved and verified my account today.

    However I installed this on Windows, which doesn't even seem to be possible from what I'd read, so that's kind of weird too...
  • I installed it on Windows and yes they do not specify here if its just Windows or Mac... I always assumed both and installed fine so I am guessing this is just a bug or something to do with just being approved? Maybe we are moving too fast for their system? Maybe try again in a few hours and see? Keep me posted on your fix when you find one and I will do the same, ok?
  • same thing here, but i won't give up! i suspect that registration and playing is on two different servers that sync only a few times a day.
  • I'm having problems logging in as well...
  • I too am having log in issues... Anyone know if Ohm knows about this or not? I want to get crackin on this and test drive it with my partner who i also see is having the same issue... HELP!!!
  • Hi all,

    thanks for posting!

    i guess you are all installing from Windows, aren't you? 

    This is our very first release for Windows, it's really a pre-beta version. I think we actually sent something like 10 or 12 invitations to Windows users. So please bear with us, and sorry for the troubles!

    We have noticed there are problems with the log-in. It's not a database synchronisation issue, but rather a problem with the software itself. If you are sure your password is correct, you can try to log-in several times, and it should succeed. If not, well... you're stuck!

    We'll release a new version as soon as possible!


  • Thanks for the official update!
    Excited and eager to play with this sweet looking tool.

    The invite email did seem a bit snarky towards Windows users, lol, guess that's cause we weren't the audience it was written for.

    I've tried re-logging numerous times to no avail.  In case it's helpful, I'm running:
    Win7 64-bit SP1
    A/V: Avast!

  • Also log-in issues. Definitely have everything right, so I guess I'll just wait until an update comes! :)

    Looks cool so far, though! Did have a chance to log-in once before, and it looked good!
  • Installed ohm studio...it installed...I can log into into the dashboard...but can't log into the ohm studio itself....says its not authorized...Im sure of my user name and password, as I got them verified as being correct...but still wont log into Omni Studio.....
  • alright so here's what i've noticed so far i was running iexplorer and the site wouldnt work logins are anything so i switched to firefox now i can login but i dont know about the program yet will see if i can get it to work now
  • i still can't login into the ohmstudio so there's got to be a bug
  • ditto. Win 7 64 bit here. Will try on my other PC just on the off chance

  • Another one reporting in.
    I, too, can only log into the on-site dashboard.
    But the Ohm Studio program login tells me that my username and/or password isn't correct.
    Are you planning an update anytime soon?

    I was really excited to get the download invitation, for I waited pretty long.
    Now I'd like to produce some music.
    But I can't...
  • same problem! I have tried numerous times, as i am very eager, to no avail. Is there any rough idea of when there will be an update with this problem fixed?
    Can anyone actuallly sign in on the windows version? or know of anyone who can?
    I have sent an invite and am waiting to see if my friend can, will be very jealous if so!
    Just can't wait to try it out!

    Cheers anyway!
  • The same prblem here. I am running WinXP (yes it is old).
  • We're sorry about that issue. It was working when we decided to release windows version. 
    We should be able to deliver a fix early next week. 

  • Same problem here. Username and password definitely correct, and can't log into the program. Windows 7 64 bit.

    Many thanks for any help.
  • same problem here
  • tried again, failed again, i'm sorry to say.
    running on windows xp pro sp3, fully up-to-date, running every possible version of .net framework, java, flash, you name it, it's installed and working, except for Ohm Studio sadly.
    I tried several times, possibly more than a hundred already. not just on my xp machine, but also on a vista and a win7. no difference what so ever...
    i wish i was more of a software debugging person so i could help, but i'm more of a hardware nerd =)

  • actually, i've got a linux partition somewhere as well. is there a linux version available to try?
  • hi again,
    i'm nut sure if it's all that useful, but i found an entry in my event log that may possibly point out a solution. there is this little module called gusvc that drops and entry in my application event log every time i try to log onto Ohm Studio. this module sadly does not contain any information about what went wrong or how to fix it. all i know is that svc's are necessary to make web based apps work.
    hope this helps...
  • edit: sorry, false alarm, gusvc is a Google Update Service module. Dang!
  • Ditto, can't log in.  Seems to be a lot of reports of Windows 7 64-bit version (though at least one person reported they're on XP).  Could it be version specific, like the dll bug?
  • Patiently awaiting the OFFICIAL RELEASE lol! My production team has been waiting for this forEVER...we are ready to work!
  • Ok same issue here, running W7 X64. Tried several times loggin in without any luck:-(
  • Also tried it on my Win 7 32-bit laptop, and it has the same login error on that.
  • It looks like the Windoms exe we put on line fails to login, whoever you are (even God herself can't). We're working on this issue. Sorry for this!

  • I run windows XP media center edition service pack 3 with all the updates. Same problem as these guys...Can't wait to check this out !
  • Hi,

    we updated a new version which should fix the problem. Simply relaunch the OhmStudio and it will redirect you to the update page.

    However, this new version crashes when you quit. Be warned! We're working on this.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  • I have been waiting forever to try this out, I finally get an invite, it fails to log in and then we're just stuck? Will this ever be available?

    I just tried logging in again and it said server down, try again later? What's wrong now?
  • download the update, i did it and now i can log in :)
  • Every time Ohm Studio tried to connect and download the update it closes out and I have to reopen it? Got a link to the download?
  • "Every time Ohm Studio tried to connect and download the update it closes out and I have to reopen it?"
    Ok thanks for reporting this bug. We'll correct the problem for next release.
  • Trying to keep to the threads...still can't login, this time using build 61385 and Windows XP.
  • Does the Ohm Studio Beta Reporter works on your machine?
    It should be available in the Ohm Studio menu in your startup menu, under a silly name like "My Log has something to tell you"
    If it works, send us a report, it should send us the various logs we need to understand your problem.

    Otherwise, could you send us any .log file you'd find in Program Files/Ohm Force/Ohm Studio?
    (or Program Files (x86) if your on Windows 7 64 bit)

    Many thanks