Some plugin with their own internal sequencer....

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Some plugin with their own internal sequencer....
  • .... like FXpansion Geist or Xfer Nerve loose all the internal sequencer information when project is closed, even if the sync button has been pressed.

  • Hi feng.

    We don't have Xfer Nerve. But I did the test with FXpansion Geist and couldn't reproduce the problem. Can you please provide more details?
    Also when you click on the Manual Sync button, do you see a response from the server in the Network Activity indicator in the Transport Bar?

  • I can reproduce the bug. The sound assigned to each pad is recalled, but the sequencer data (patterns) are most of the times lost. After trying many many times, i got once the pattern 24 recalled, and another time, pattern five recalled, all the others were lost

  • Hi Feng.

    I really can't seem to reproduce the problem. Which version are you using? I'm using

    Right now, I can only think of one reason to explain this bug: it takes a really long time to upload the preset on the server after clicking the manual sync button, and the project is closed before uploading is complete.