New Version: beta #9

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New Version: beta #9
  • Beta functionalities

    • Manual synchronization of the plug-ins with chunks 
    • There is a "synchronize" button above the plug-in GUI 
    • This button will light up when you need to make a decision wether or not to sync the changes with the session 
    • You need to do this when the button lights up after you changed the preset, otherwise the others won't see your changes, and your changes won't be saved 
    • If the button light up after you simply changed some display options (browsing through the plug-in presets on Native Instrument presets for instance) you don't need to sync 
    • This is a "in progress" development. We're trying to figure out what is the best way to deal with incompatible plug-ins (when you have a plug-in, and the other members of the session own a different version of the plug-in, or the same plug-in, but with differents add-on pack installed). 
    Begin to work on the snapshots (but it's still mostly invisible to you) 


    • Reworked Pattern footer 
    • See when the others are recording in the chat window 
    • See people away status in chat 
    • Notification on the chat window if you received a Private Message from the website 
    • You can drag MIDI files on instrument tracks (handy for Drum plug-ins such as Addictive Drums or BFD) 

    Bug fixes 

    • Adaptive snap did not match the visual grid 
    • Using Cmd+E to cut patterns resulted in linked patterns. Use shift+cmd+E to cut and link patterns. 
    • Vu-meters could skip some information 
    • Fixed crash on dual video card MacBook Pros 
    • When someone was leaving the session, you could still see his selection 
    • Some plug-ins were reseted to their default preset after a bounce or audio buffer size change 
    • Fixes in the chat regarding private messages 
    • Some functionalities not available to you when you are not owner of the project are now grayed out or hidden.

  • step by step^^