Critically needed feature

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Critically needed feature
  • After using Ohmstudio for awhile, and while collaborations become much more extended (with a lot of people contributing) I feel that some features are critically needed for having a good workflow:

    - Two mixers

    1. First mixer should be "shared". This is very similar to the one we already have, but some changes would be good. All actions on this mixer should be shared (included muting). What's more I think that only owners should be entitled to move faders and change settings on it.  This would be useful because many many times it happened that, after settings all the levels to have a decent mix, returning to the project, I found them all messed up because "the overall volume was too low" or because "I had to record so I pushed up the volume on my track". The result is an unbalanced mix always clipping and distorting sound. You have to set again the levels many many times
    2. The second mixer should be "local". It is that all the actions, changes that are done on the local mixer won't be reflected on the "shared" one, apart, of course, for adding tracks and FX. So, when recording, when making his own experiments one should use the local mixer.

    Of course each user should have the possibility to switch between the two mixers, so that each user could use the "local" private mixer to record and the shared one to listen to the mixed  "official" version.

    - Possibility to have an "exlusive" rec enable

    It is the possibility to make, when you enable rec on a track, all the other rec buttons automatically disabled. This will avoid accidental over riding recorded tracks on which you forgot to disable rec.
    - Possibility to have positive gain on audio clips (not only gain reduction)

  • Hi feng.

    With new possibilities come new problems which we didn't foresee I guess. Although the idea of 2 mixers sounds good, it also sounds very complex. I can't see that happening in the short term to be honest. As for the rest, there are plans to improve audio editing and recording options in the next few months so we'll consider your suggestions.

  • It might be manageable thru presets, I'm not sure about 2 mixers but having a preset where I could rearrange the view and change the levels could be very interesting to manage versions and the situation described by Feng in a collaborative workflow.